Pretty single mum – Zandile- 32 Needs any type of a handsome man ready to date me

General information: My name is Zandile and I am a Jo burg Pretty single mum  who stays in the uptown of Johannesburg. I am thirty two years old and I can accept long distance relationships. If you prove to be serious with me then I can move to your location if that’s okay with you. […]

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Free Date -Alicia, 38, Durban- Chat with me right now on SATESPACE. I am a single sugar mum

My primary aim with my man free date I want to form a long lasting relationship with you that will improve both our lives. On Free date I want us to be happy and to never go to bed angry at each other. There should always be smiles all around and we should focus only […]

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Best Single Mum Nomandla, 37, Needs A Best Single Man – ready to be spoiled – Get whatsapp Number Below

Are you tired of fake singles online – be happy Nomandla is the Best Single Mum for you today. In addition if you are serious you will need to follow all the rules below and get my whatsapp number as well. I love you to be honest and real. The type of woman I am […]

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Hilda, 39, Pretoria- How do you expect to find the love of your life if you are not on SATESPACE?

THIS IS AN ACCURATE DESCRIPTION OF THE KIND OF MAN I AM LOOKING FOR: Tall This height thing doesn’t really have to matter much. When women like me say we love tall guys, we just mean someone taller than us. If you are taller than me, you have to really be happy when you see […]

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Pretoria Single Mum Caren, 35, – I know you need a rich beautiful loyal sugar mama – check my whatsapp number below

As a Pretoria Single Mum I love going out but only on the weekends. Honestly, I don’t usually go the beach even though I have a body that’s well-suited for that. The problem is that I just don’t want to mix up with too many people. It kind of freaks me out and I’d rather […]

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Busie, 35, Pretoria- Most of my friends don’t even know that I am a millionaire sugar mam on SATESPACE. Join SATESPACE and text me for my WhatsApp number.

Believe it or not, I am more talkative on the internet than I am in real life. It feels better to just say it all right here. I will try to be talkative around you though especially on WhatsApp. I just hope you won’t start giving me those blue ticks before we even meet. My […]

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Sugar mama ,Anna (42) ,Joburg-“Staying at home alone is driving me crazy ,I need someone energetic enough” Get my Whatsapp number on SATESPACE .

Myself I am a rich and multi-talented woman who has earned a living from quite a lot of things till living turned into  a dream .l am a caring and loving person who has been through enough to know the importance of people and relationships in the day to day business .I love sports ,football […]

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Sugar mama ,Riyah (40) ,Joburg-“Have not had time to enjoy life for a while now,I need a younger man who would help me with that” .Check out for my Whatsapp number on SATESPACE .

Myself I have been working in Joburg for quite a while now since I moved from Pretoria 3 years ago after a job promotion .It has been three years but I don’t know the place and even the people .I have been caught up in work as I have been busy trying to catch up […]

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Reneilloe, 35, Paarl- I haven’t had some fun in a long time. You need a sugar mom? Get my whatsapp number on SATESPACE.

I really need someone who likes having fun. Someone I can go out with and someone who is really worthy my trust. I always get hurt because I trust so easily. The thing is People like me are just built to love and I can easily fall in love with anyone. When I love someone […]

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Evelynn, 39, Durban- I joined SATESPACE to find a Ben 10 I can have fun with as a sugar mom. It’s why I am instantly giving my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE.

The guy who gets my WhatsApp number real quick is the first guy who texts me on SATESPACE. If you want the magic to happen right now, please be the first to talk to me on SATESPACE before anyone else does. I am giving away my WhatsApp number to the first guy who texts me […]

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