Beautifully sugar mom, Charlotte (38), Vereeniging-“Staying alone sucks, I need a Ben 10. I will give you my WhatsApp number via SATESPACE.

Dating South Africa Single Mothers Sugar Moma

Well, I am a rich woman born here in South Africa. I own hotels and mines. That’s basically how I became a millionaire in my early thirties. Now I don’t even work anymore, I just chill at home and the money keeps coming. It’s good to live life on your own terms without someone telling you what to do. It’s what made me realize that maybe I might need a Ben 10 who can help me deal with this loneliness because it sucks.

Don’t get nervous, I am a very good woman who can actually understand other people. You will see that when we meet. The other good thing about me is that I also happen to be very generous. In fact, I’m more generous than the average woman who is in my position. I want to show you this by turning you into a millionaire before we even get so deep with each other. Communicate with me and see for yourself.

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You deserve these:


I will be loyal to you through the whole thing. That’s as long as you stay loyal to me too. If you keep me close I will keep you close too. No secrets between us. If you wish, we can keep our relationship a secret.


There’s so much I can give you especially considering this wealthy thing. I wanna make you a wealthy person who never asks for change. This will be seen even in the way that you dress. You will be a stunning man. My Ben 10 had to look good.

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36 thoughts on “Beautifully sugar mom, Charlotte (38), Vereeniging-“Staying alone sucks, I need a Ben 10. I will give you my WhatsApp number via SATESPACE.

  1. Hi I’m ayoba I need sugar mommy who love and I will do the same ,from Durban to know each this my number 082 5930 253 available 24/7

  2. Hi I’m starting to doubting that I’ll ever found my soulmate which is seriously u will find me here my number 0849291552

  3. Alabi Shola Saliman is my name from the state Capital of harmony(Ilorin) Kwara State Nigeria @ 50.Am 5.8 of height tall Ma,am a very simple and easy going
    person, I like traveling base on events or business trip and also like going on outing once a while to places of interest such as beach and as an African man I easily adapt to any environment and eat both America and Africa kinds of food available except pork, and like to stay in a very neat environment. My hubby is playing football and table tennis. Watching video film and gardening, singing and dancing and like playing with children
    I would be much in appreciation if I could come across a very like minded Sugar mummy who is also very caring sympathetic, romantic, friendly funny a woman who is ready to assist me to become a successful man in my life and live a comfortable life.. I am ready to serve you wholeheartedly as your sugar patner and be of help to you in all your undertakings without you regretting chosen me as your babe and I hereby pledge to you to be of good conduct and abide your rules and regulations. My phone/WhatsApp number is +2348032081432. My e-mail address:

  4. Greeting I’m 30 years of age looking for reach sugar mom who like to socialize and be business minded and care thanks

  5. Greetings I’m male of 30 years of age looking for rich sugar mama, who’s business minded.Im living at kzn but for now I’m at Cape contact is 076 689 4958 call or Whatsapp thanks.

  6. Hi?what a wow darling!!you just made my day by only seeing you and your pretty looks so good to me and if you me for a marriage I won’t hesitate at all I’ll go for it and I’ll be the father of your child I’ll spend my lifetime with you coz I’m good in bed

  7. Am Espa From Malawi I need Dating girl or sugar Mom

    WhatsApp no

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