Caren, 35, Pretoria- If you join SATESPACE and text me, I will give you my WhatsApp number. I know you need a rich beautiful loyal sugar mama.

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I love going out but only on the weekends. Honestly, I don’t usually go the beach even though I have a body that’s well-suited for that. The problem is that I just don’t want to mix up with too many people. It kind of freaks me out and I’d rather be indoors with my man, you. In terms of net worthy, I will be honest with you, I don’t really know where I stand. I will tell you my real name so you can google, I am sure Wikipedia knows me. When you become too rich you just stop counting the man, there’s people for that, accountants.

I am hoping to just be on SATESPACE for a few hours, find my Ben 10 and leave forever. Of course the site is entertaining and addictive but what will my man think? I don’t want you to start doubting my loyalty when you see me on SATESPACE after we have already become thing.

LATEST SUGAR MAMA  Busie, 35, Pretoria- Most of my friends don’t even know that I am a millionaire sugar mam on SATESPACE. Join SATESPACE and text me for my WhatsApp number.

The good thing to do is to text me before others do. I am just picking anyone among the first few who text me on SATESPACE and I am leaving. Just try and make sure you are among these, I know I will choose you, you know it too.

My dream man is described as the following:

POLITE—Rudeness is the easiest way of getting rid of me. When you send me that message on SATESPACE, make sure it displays some level of politeness so I will know you are the one.

BLACK—-You can still try me if you are not black but the truth is that your chances are really low. I just lime the back dudes because they got this loyalty and culture. Please text me.

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Talk to me right now, contact me.

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My direct Whatsapp Number Is ++27 81 845 9342

22 thoughts on “Caren, 35, Pretoria- If you join SATESPACE and text me, I will give you my WhatsApp number. I know you need a rich beautiful loyal sugar mama.

  1. my home town Richards bay at kzn
    I like to be happy I’m a simply man I love to learn newthings. I knw lot about being a good man and so classic.

    I’m single

    I have one son

    I need a older women then me I have a reason why, I want to be happy more then I am now.

  2. I think u are the best nice 👍 looking and beautiful just give me a chance am loving and good in bed 30yrs from Uganda 🇺🇬

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