One of the best sugar moms on SATESPACE, Dorcas, 35, from Durban, is looking for a Ben 10 who is also interested in business and having fun.

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My name is Dorcas, I’m pushing 35 now but I’m sure you wouldn’t believe it off I didn’t tell you. I’m a nice person, until maybe if you make me show you my other side. As a woman, I have always been into cats and dogs. Pets make me look at life differently. About dogs, I always want the most expensive breeds because I can afford those and they are usually very beautiful.

My finances

Not to brag but I think I am among the top ten richest and most beautiful women on SATESPACE. I say that because I drive customized super cars that most people can’t even dream of. You can look at me once and already know that I’m one hell of a rich woman. The other thing is that I like spending too. Every sugar mom on SATESPACE likes spending but not more than I do.

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For you

I really don’t know your interests. If I did I think I would but you your dream thing before we even meet. Now that I have no idea about this, I will list down a two or three things that I like to give away to my Ben 10.

Money: every sugar mom here promises money but I promise you the most. The other good thing is that when me we don’t even have to meet first.

Citizenship: If you are in this country and you haven’t gotten it, I will get it for you in weeks, I know who to pay. If you’re also somewhere and wanna stay with me here, I can help.

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Talk to me on WhatsApp

I think at this point we should start talking on WhatsApp. Top start, come to SATESPACE and get my WhatsApp number immediately before someone comes before you. Sign up:

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Look for me and comment “I’m here”. I will reply instantly when my number. I promise you that.

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