Reneilloe, 35, Paarl- I haven’t had some fun in a long time. You need a sugar mom? Get my whatsapp number on SATESPACE.

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I really need someone who likes having fun. Someone I can go out with and someone who is really worthy my trust. I always get hurt because I trust so easily. The thing is People like me are just built to love and I can easily fall in love with anyone. When I love someone real deeply, I just can’t keep my money to myself. I automatically start spending on them and eventually they just leave.

Even though I am filthy rich, I still reply my SATESPACE messages. The problem might be that I only reply messages on SATESPACE. This is for security reasons, women like me are rich and every person out there is trying to play around and trick us into spending money on them. If you want to get my whatsapp number much faster, I suggest you join SATESPACE much earlier. If you think I am messing around, you can try me by sending me a message and see if I don’t reply it as soon.

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I am ready to go out. I am ready to go out with you. All I need is your message on SATESAPCE so that I know if you are serious. Once you send me a message I will reply to you with my Whatsapp number immediately and we will go out together.

We will have fun together. Whenever I decide to have fun, a good amount is always spent. I will make sure you get to enjoy my money with me every weekend. There is already a monthly budget for beers and celebration and you are in it as well. Don’t miss out.

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Let’s talk more privately, just the two of us.

I would be happy to chat with you on Whatsapp you know. The entire process takes less than two minutes and I am yours. You only have to send me a message on SATESPACE if you also want this to happen. Click the button below to register on SATESPACE and contact me:                                                                  

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12 thoughts on “Reneilloe, 35, Paarl- I haven’t had some fun in a long time. You need a sugar mom? Get my whatsapp number on SATESPACE.

  1. Hi Renielloe i got yu on whattsap plyz my name is Maxwell ntswane im very interested in yu my contact is 0835022921 whattsap me plyz lets meet and get to know each soon im single plyz i need yu soon ill respect yu and lovecyu more

  2. Hi Renielloe im still waiting for yur whattsap my name is Maxwell i stay in Joburg im single my my whattsap contact is 0835022921 plyz contact me

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