Sugar mama ,Anna (42) ,Joburg-“Staying at home alone is driving me crazy ,I need someone energetic enough” Get my Whatsapp number on SATESPACE .

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I am a rich and multi-talented woman who has earned a living from quite a lot of things till living turned into  a dream .l am a caring and loving person who has been through enough to know the importance of people and relationships in the day to day business .I love sports ,football included such that I even support a local league and sponsor it when there is need .Fun is what defines me and keeps me going .Mix something with fun and you will have a perfect recipe of enjoyment than you ever imagined .

I graduated from college whilst already earning a lot from my startups and connections .College was good and that is were it all started .Before I knew it I was too busy such that people needed an appointment to see me .Money came and it was good till I stopped counting ,now I got people for that .Well that has been my life financially .I did not wake up today being a sugar mom I have been with many young man before ,some I met in the club and even some I met via SATESPACE but this time I want it to be different .I mean I want my next relationship to be different because I made a lot of mistakes in the past which I regret .

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What you deserve


I am going to invest my time in you .You will be among the few people who do not need an appointment to see me .I am also going to give us a chance ,guess people learn from past mistakes .


Sharing my wealth with people before has not been my problem or is it going to be any time soon .I am a generous person and I know you deserve a lot .Forget the allowances ,cars and apartments because as long we are in a relationship those will come your way automatically .I will fulfill your dreams such that you will admire yourself .

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  1. Hey my name is Dylan m a boy aged 22 m looking for a lady to spend time with m available and m a smile maker and charming my WhatsApp number is 0847965060

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