Sugar mama ,Riyah (40) ,Joburg-“Have not had time to enjoy life for a while now,I need a younger man who would help me with that” .Check out for my Whatsapp number on SATESPACE .

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I have been working in Joburg for quite a while now since I moved from Pretoria 3 years ago after a job promotion .It has been three years but I don’t know the place and even the people .I have been caught up in work as I have been busy trying to catch up with deadlines and meetings .This pandemic has given me time to relax at home ,have time to myself and reboot .After consecutive months of hard work I have been given three months of paid leave and I need someone to have fun with .

I am not that much of an outgoing person but I would like to experience that kind of life and other different things which are just outside of my character so ,I need a perfect guy for this who has had quite an exposure to those things .Money has not been a problem ,as the Chief Accountant I earn a lot for one person and I have saved enough for myself thus decided to retire whilst forty five .Fashion is one of the things and businesses I am fond of and would like to focus on it after retirement .

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I do not expect much from a guy ,but I am human enough to have some few things .As said before I need a man who has had an exposure to life or someone who has an idea on how to enjoy life and spend some money . You will be like my accountant because you will be managing the finances I give out to you whilst we celebrate and enjoy life to the fullest . I also expect you to be a gentleman ,I mean a guy who knows how to treat a lady and all .Well ,that’s that for now .

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